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The Romantic and Intoxicating Sense of Taste

July 28, 2010

Romantic, in that the combination of diverse tastes and the symbolic nature of unity comes with much effort to bring many senses together.

Garlic, being the most influential element in this most tasty, satisfying and hearty appetizer – the appetizer sometimes good enough all on its own to leave you content in needing nothing more; garlic, can exude a subtle overtaking and infiltration of persuasion.  Should there be an over abundance of the culminating flavor: garlic, notwithstanding the strength and influence of this taste – the element bringing and binding all together – would most unknowingly disqualify the pleasure of taste, and might just overpower the sense of simple, available, and complimentary sustenance.

Classic Italian Bruschetta: Classic in a way that reflects the measures of tradition – the ties that bind. This recipe of a tried and true combination of  ingredients, preparation, and modes in which we combine all complimentary elements – come together in various strengths, subtleties, potencies and textures. All of which reflecting their true nature – without stifling, concealing or abolishing.

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Yes, it’s all metaphoric digs. No, you probably won’t get it. Yes, it makes me feel better. 🙂

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