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I Felt The Rays Today. No, Not The Florida Tampa Bay Rays…

July 26, 2010

This morning’s CT scan: I would rather be attacked by a rabid dog than experience this again. Even with my refusing contrast (IV of Iodine, or drinking barium) it was still hard to get through. I have a hard time sitting still as it is, but add the “hold your breath, keep your arms above your head, just lay still, don’t move, ignore the clanking, humming noises” (that sound like you’re about to be sucked up into an alien spacecraft, about to spontaneously combust, or slowly guided down into a wood chipper making noise like it just ingested a Model-T Ford. ( I had to keep checking to make sure this scenario was not happening).

I tell you, no amount of meditation, distracting your mind, or happy thoughts were doing it for me towards the end.  I think what actually helped me most was remembering  my four year old son, was on the other side of the door sitting so well in a chair waiting on me, while he held his hoodie jacket, looking all handsome to the ladies working there…saying to them while thumbing his hand towards the chamber door… “yeah,my mom’s getting fried in there”.  “Let me know when she’s smoking, ’cause I want to see that”!

Right.  So I don’t care what anyone says about radiation – I FELT IT.  I must be more super-sensitive than I thought, I knew the MRI was bad with the tugging and pushing, pressure and pulling sensations (Lord, God) I seriously thought I’d come out looking like the Elephant Man or Scar Face…but the technician assured me, the CT is “just radiation”, but in massive amounts. Great.  I’m sorry: “just radiation”? Like,”just” mayonaise, or “just” a scratch?   So, I’m wondering how to detox and ground my body today… holistically remove the bad energy (literally) from myself…any thoughts?